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Our clients' rave reviews invigorate and inspire us to extend the effort to source the finest raw materials and continue to hand-make our products. So many of our clients from around the world tell us that using our products is a "different" experience to anything else they have ever used. We strive to make our clients feel special, not just with using our products but in Body Deli's interactive shopping experience in the Palm Desert boutique and customer service online and over the phone. Kate Hudson went so far to name Body Deli as one of her favorite "green" beauty brands, in Elle Magazine. We must be doing something right… Please keep the testimonials coming; we love nothing more than to read your enthusiastic comments!

Joyce Alexander; Santa Cruz, CA

I absolutely love your products are absolutely awesome! I have been searching for almost two years for a product that works on my skin. Thank goodness I found your products!

Ilyse A.; Wellington, FL

With proper exercise and nutrition steps, along with ONLY using BODY DELI PRODUCTS, I have single handedly cured myself from a terrible condition of dermatitis on my hands that no doctor was able to fix! I was written several different scripts for very expensive creams and lotions from top Dr.'s both in NY and from the University of Miami; most of those creams made my condition worse, not better. I really am so happy from that first time I read about your Blueberry facial fusion scrub in a magazine while getting my hair colored. Now I need you guys to come up with a hair coloring system with no chemicals!


Aria A.; Manhattan, NY
I have always had sensitive skin. Always struggled with breakouts and always always seemed to have these stubborn tiny little bumps all over my forehead. Like a rash. I tried everything. And everything seemed to make it worse. Then I started to get cystic acne along my chin and lower face. ahhhhhhh. I changed my diet, stopped eating sugar, wheat, dairy, etc but nothing really worked or really stuck for a long time. The cycle continued for many many years. The only thing that helped was the toxic proactive and murad products BUT only temporarily AND i really didn't want to use toxic chemicals on my skin being that my lifestyle is very conscious and green.

Well this has all CHANGED I am ecstatic to say! I have been using The Body Deli products for the past 4 months and my skin is as smooth and as clear as a baby bottom...hmmmmm maybe that's not the right example but I am sure you get my point....

Everyone in the store is so friendly and so helpful and they will tell u exactly what u need for your specific skin issue as well as give u samples of the products they recommend so you can try them and see if you get any sort of reaction. For me, and if you unfortunately suffer from the tiny little bumps on your forehead like I DID... I used the blueberry fusion resurfacing face wash for 30 days along with the light facial emulsion and the sea cucumber gelee THEN after my 30 days I switch to using (and still using) the rose geranium cleanser, the hydra-mist and a combo (using one in day and one at night) of the crème de la rose and the light facial emulsion. Oh and the glacial mineral mud masque as a spot treatment but to be honest I haven't needed to because my skin looks AMAZING!!!. Thank you BODY DELI !!!!!!!!

James N.; Palm Springs, Ca
I can't believe their products work as well as they do. We both love all the products we've tried so far, including the blueberry face wash and face scrub. I let the scrub stay on for a few minutes as advised. You can feel the tingly sensation of the fruit acids doing their thing. The Sea Cucumber Gelee hydrates so beautifully, the way one would hope-non greasy. I can almost hear the sucking sound my skin seems to make while slurping in the gelee. Very soothing and hydrating. We really like their bar soap too.

The most incredible thing to me was that their rose moisturizer, Crème de la Rose was the cure for my dermatitis. Please note, I don't use the word "cure" lightly. Here's some background: For more than a couple of decades I have had a persistent flakiness and tenderness of skin around the folds of my nose. 25 years ago, I wasn't into natural cures like I am now. When the conditioned surfaced, I had gone to the dermatologist and was prescribed "Nizoral" which made the symptoms go away. Over the years the condition would come and go and eventually I tried Strivectin. It worked. The good thing was that Strivectin was non-prescription and worked as well as Nizoral. Fast forward many years where I came to discover a website called Skin Deep-the cosmetic database, which will scare the poop outta ya when you dare to look up cremes, cleansers and shampoos...and Strivectin! You read the warnings about the ingredients used on any given product and it makes you want to make funeral arrangements! Anyway, imagine how THRILLED I was when I discovered a completely natural product made with organic ingredients that would eliminate the flaky and sensitive skin!!! I feel so much better using nature to cure my problem instead of harsh chemicals, like you find in Strivectin or Nizoral.

Their products last a long time, but every time I do go in there, I seek out something new to try-and have never been disappointed. Since moving to the desert, the skin on my legs and arms has really grown more dry and scaly so I have enjoyed using a rich skin cream they have and an oil that is applied on wet skin. It appears to me that the combo is really helping my skin. Next time I go in I want to check out their hair products. I love the products I've tried so far and only wish I would have found them when I first moved to the desert.

Sherry Surdam; Ocala, Florida
I recently came across information about a company called The Body Deli and investigated the website to see what they offered. I am totally opposed to animal testing so when I started thinking about placing an order I emailed and inquired as to their policies on animal testing. A prompt reply from customer service informed me that any product or any of the ingredients were NOT tested on animals so I placed a order for several of the products. I purchased several shower washes, the Botanical Living Shampoo and the Blueberry Fusion Scrub. The shampoo left my hair shiny and very manageable, with NO additional conditioner! I can only imagine how nice it would be if I used the conditioner as well. I've been using the scrub for a week, following the directions to use it only two or three times a week, and I can already see a difference in my skin. It actually looks younger and less dry, with a wonderful feel to it. As for the shower washes, all of them have a lovely scent but my personal favorite is the Desert Sage. I like a fairly strong scent and the Sage was quite dense, leaving my bathroom smelling beautiful for some time after my shower. However, I don't believe the scent would displease those who prefer a lighter scent. I highly recommend trying The Body Deli products! You won't be disappointed!

Nicole Vonderheide; Dover NJ
I've tried a lot of brands, high end brands, organic brands, department store brands, but this was the first one that really made an impact after the first week. With the Blueberry facial scrub, I noticed a difference after the first use. (I even made my husband try it - don't include that though!!!!) I'm hooked & a big fan.

Marilyn Weaver; Washington DC
What a pleasure it was finding your shop. I was hooked the moment I walked in. The experience I had was awesome and we left with a thermal bag FULL of products. I literally could not wait to get home and experience your products and check out your website. Passionate I guess is the best description of my feelings towards your products, store and business philosophy. I’ve always had a passion for things natural, wholesome and chemical free. So discovering The Body Deli meant so much more to me than merely finding high quality bath, body and face products. Businesses that embrace core values and philosophies such as yours are so rare and so beautiful! My sentiments are more accurately reflected in this statement from your website: “Today, we have the opportunity to tap a huge market and to be in the forefront of promoting a new health consciousness and concept to the world. The Body Deli philosophy is not only about selling products, it is about the way people think of health and skin care, and their desire for the best product on the market.” I admire successful business people who make an effort to connect with their customers in a personal way. Thank you for promoting a new health consciousness, projecting an atmosphere of positive energy, and introducing such amazing products to the world. I immensely admire and respect you for that.

Elisa Reece; Holistic Interior Designer
I have just received some of THE BODY DELI's products and I am completely impressed. I have tried practically everything on the market, from high-end department store products like La Prarie, Chanel, Estee Lauder's entire range and La Mer, which are good products but laced with unwanted ingredients. For over 30 years I have wanted to find a skin care line that fulfilled my desire to nourish my skin as well as I organically feed and nourish my body, and I feel I have finally found the very best there is. I have independently studied health and nutrition since my teens, and I know that the transdermal effects of using good skin care products simply translate to better health, since the skin can absorb many times what our digestive system can, so it is crucial to me that what I use on my skin is as high integrity as what I eat. There is really no way to describe how fortunate I feel to have been turned on to your products. Now I can hardly wait to try the rest of the line! Consider me a loyal customer for life, already! Thank you from my heart and soul...and grateful body. I wish you the very best of success; the modern world has been waiting for your lovingly innovative products for a very long time!

Brigitte Fetter; PR Executive, Palm Springs, California
I just love your fine products I am addicted to Spanish Fly; it smells so amazing on my body. When I wear your Spanish Fly lotion I get so many compliments. I was actually at the grocery store and a handsome gentleman followed me out and asked me what I was wearing. He told me that it was so different and it made him take notice. When a gorgeous man takes notice, it definitely boosts my sense of being a woman. But this is not just for women. We swapped business cards and he asked me where I bought this "Spanish Fly" and I told him THE BODY DELI. He later called me and told me he bought a bottle for himself. In that case we would have to get together so I could smell my favorite scent on him. Since then, we have had 2 successful dates. Thank you Body Deli!

Katie McFadden; Woodstock, Vermont
I was wandering around your mall area when this clean, crisp, fresh scent overcame me.  I looked up and saw The Body Deli sign.  Immediately I proceeded to your store where I was 1) treated like a queen and 2) became totally infatuated with your products.  I have been looking for a product to believe in, that would make people feel good and that would sell its self.  When I had a full body massage with your Yuzu Twist cream I knew I had found the product.

Linda Peters; Esthetician, Los Gatos California
I know spas, I know skin care products, and I know that THE BODY DELI sets them selves apart from the competition. When talking about skin care products, it’s hard if not impossible to find a line that compares to the fresh, natural experience awaiting you when you open your ice cooled box and open the delicacies that THE BODY DELI serves up. I dedicate the deli drawer in my fridge to my facial masks. Peaches and Cream, Oatmeal and Honey, and Sea Plasma are my staples. Sometimes I run out of milk, but NOT THE BODY DELI's fresh face food. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Anya Karpyak; Richardson, Texas
I placed my first order last week. The order arrived quickly and even in the Texas heat, the products remained cool. I am so pleased with everything I ordered. My skin is sensitive and for the past year, I have been experimenting with different product lines in an attempt to find something that calms my skin. The Body Deli is exactly what I've been looking for. I whole-heartedly agree with your company's philosophy. I look forward to adding more of your products to my daily skin care routine.  Special thanks go out to whoever packed my first order, which included 3 samples of additional product to try ~ Thank you so much! Best Wishes to all at The Body Deli.

Holley Snowden; Woburn, Massachusetts
Recently I placed an order for a variety of things - mostly just to try them - I am a new customer. I have never written a fan letter before - but just had to tell you how much I love your products – I will never buy anything else!!!  My skin and hair (yes hair - I used the grapefruit and sage cleanser) have never been smoother, cleaner, and more oil-free and my pores are far and away smaller. You guys are great - and I THANK YOU!

Joyce Enos; East Falmouth, Massachusetts
I went to see my dermatologist this morning for my yearly checkup.  First, the physician’s assistant pre-checked me. She commented that I had really great skin. Then the doctor came in and checked me over, and he asked me if I used Retin-A.  I told him that I have never used Retin-A.  He said the reason he asked is because I had beautiful skin.  Before I left the office, the physician’s assistant asked me what products I used.  I told her I used The Body Deli products, and not only are they all natural, but living as well.  She wrote down your website address and said she was going to check it out.  I feel I received a great compliment for a lady 62 years old.  I love your products, and I thought I would share this with you.

Donna Thomas; Easton, Pennsylvania
Please extend my thanks to David; his assistance was invaluable, since this was my first order. Also please extend my thanks to the Shipping Dept. personnel. Everything arrived at my home in Easton, PA well protected with no damage. After having applied the products once, I can say that I am a Body Deli customer for life. Every product is as wonderful as I had hoped, from reading the testimonials on your web site and from advice from David.  My face hasn't been this dewy and soft since my 20's. I can only imagine how wonderful the results will be over time. Thank you for making me such a happy customer.

Lisa Specchio; Attorney Glendale, California
I was first introduced to The Body Deli when at a spa. I decided to try a facial mask. I loved what it did to my skin. I really could see and feel the effects of the mask. At that time, I was interested in the body care items since I was perfectly happy with my Victoria Secret Lotion and Bath and Body Works bath products. After the facial mask, I then ordered other facial products (day and night creams and Vitamin C Serum). These were so fabulous that I no longer have to wear make-up like I did before to hide breakouts, etc. Now nothing touches my face other than The Body Deli. Seeing how great your products were for my face I thought I would just TRY some body items. A butter scrub and body oil was all it took for me! I loved it SO much better than Bath and Body Works with all the perfumes and chemicals. Your product made my skin feel clean and soft and did not clog my pores with chemicals.  So, no more Victoria's Secret Lotions or Bath and Body Works! I actually gave it away as gifts this Christmas! All I can say is that I love the way your products have no chemicals, the way I feel inside and out and the way my skin feels. Thank you. You have a customer for life.

Jennifer Daake; Scottsdale, Arizona
Thank you David for taking the time to speak with me today and to give me a glimpse as to the future plans for The Body Deli! Super exciting!!!! I discovered The Body Deli while visiting in Palm Desert last week. The name lured my sister and me into the store and once we walked in, we were hooked! We made another trip back to just to visit the store again and to buy some products to take home. The concept of organic, natural beauty products is so appealing and I think it's time has come. Everything was done extremely well; the products I purchased are terrific and I will be ordering more online.  The marketing was also very well done - no detail overlooked which was also very impressive. I am also very health-conscious and both my husband and I are into physical fitness and healthy alternatives. We love your products and will be back for many more!

Pam Price; Co Author of "100 Best Spas of the World", Palm Springs California
I just can't get over the improvement in my elbows. I have had a bad case of eczema for years that would not go away.  Every time that I went to the doctors, they didn't make my condition any better. I just thought I would have to live with this. I even used make-up on my elbows to hide the redness. I have been using your Mandarin Jasmine lotion, and that is my Holy Grail skin care item.  It has helped my elbow so much my eczema is 75% gone. I no longer need to hide them any more. That is a great feeling. Please don't ever stop making these products!

Carol Briody; Wilmington, Delaware
I've been searching for skin care products I could use for about 3 years now, ever since my rosacea developed out of the blue. Been through every brand you can name at the drug store, dept. store, and the dermatologist-developed lines, cosmeceuticals.  Also been through lots of money, which is an understatement. I understand completely why Margaret (one of the Founders of The Body Deli) struck out on her own to create a new line that is really good for the skin. I've often said 'why doesn't someone use things that are natural, like aloe and rose, to comfort and heal troubled skin?' Then I saw an article in one of the national Women's magazines... Alicia Silverstone mentioned that she loved the Vitamin C Eye Serum... so I went in search of your website. Been having great luck with everything I've received so far. The Bamboo scrub is the first exfoliator I've been able to use, without causing damage, in a really long time! I think I may have just found my skin's salvation... way out there in California! I plan to tell my friends about this line. Thanks for being there!  ~ Carol.

Linda Ralston; St. Louis, Mo
I am so impressed with your products; I have been using your products now for a little over one year and I feel that I look much more youthful. It is so hard to find pure, natural and organic products and let alone fresh, living skincare. I give your company so much credit in its efforts to be different than any other company on the market by truly delivering a product that has no equal. I have traveled the world and can afford most any brand out there, but The Body Deli’s products are priceless and the freshest!

Dorothy MacDonald; Cape Cod, Massachusetts
I used your soap and body butter this morning. What can I say?  Absolutely divine! Might sound silly, but it almost was a spiritual experience. I have been under a lot of stress lately, but after using these products, I felt relaxed physically and emotionally.  The lather that came from the soap was amazing.  Not heavy but exquisitely foaming and delightful to my senses. The beautiful natural scent stays with you. To me this is an indication of not skimping on the best oils.  LOVE IT!  You have a customer for life!  Believe me I have used them all (high end products). Thank you so much. I feel so blessed that I just stumbled across your site.

Carol Clark; Medford, New Jersey
I have just finished reading an interesting article entitled "Exceeding Customer Expectations" and this prompted me to send you this short "thank you". I recently submitted an order for your Sage & Grapefruit Cleanser (use it and love it!). I received a phone call from the CSR stating that this product would be out of stock for a while and was offered some other choices. I decided to try the Almond Cream Cleanser.  Well my package arrived today (only two days after ordering) and inside I found a note saying that a special batch of the Sage & Grapefruit cleanser was made up for me and the Almond Cream Cleanser was also included - free of charge!  Talk about "exceeding customer expectations".  I just want to say "thank you" and you can be sure I will be ordering from you again in the future! Companies like yours are few and far between.

AEOLIAH; Recording Artist, Canada
I am truly amazed at the revolutionary approach that THE BODY DELI is taking in skin care. I know that whatever you put on your body absorbs into the blood. I have been incorporating more raw living food into my diet, and I was looking for a skin care line that would match the higher frequency of my lifestyle. I have now found those products. It is truly a unique experience using your products. Just by opening the fresh facial masques and smelling them, it is different than anything else that I have experienced. Please don't ever stop your innovation... I am a loyal customer and will tell all of my friends and clients about The Body Deli.


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