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Problem / Solution

  1. Have tired, rough dry feet? Use Body Deli’s Moroccan Mint Scrub to cool, soothe and remove dry skin. Get your feet ready for sandal weather. Nothing is more out of fashion than dry cracked heels in flip-flops. (Men pay attention.)
  2. If you experience the occasional breakout or have issues with stubborn pimples or acne. Use THE BODY DELI’s Glacial Mineral Mud Masque to spot treat problem areas or use twice a week to stop breakouts before they start.
  3. Get too much sun? Nasty sunburns can be painful and harmful. Use THE BODY DELI’s raw all natural Cucumber Juice Toner with Kombucha and Aloe to take out the burn and to accelerate the healing process.
  4. The sun is always intense! Sunny or cloudy don’t go outside without protecting your face. Use Body Deli’s natural Sunstick SPF 30 to protect with sunscreen and all-natural organic plant oils. This stick is perfect size for the gym bag, golf bag, or purse.
  5. Do you suffer from dry, itchy or cracking skin? Replenishing daily is a must! The best way is to use THE BODY DELI’s Botanical Body Oils after each time you take a shower. This seals in moisture and replaces the fatty acids that are lost during showering.
  6. Do you feel like your drinking tons of water, but feel you are still thirsty or still dehydrated? It may be the water you are drinking. Try drinking alkaline micro-clustered water. This water is up to 5 times more hydrating than tap or bottled water. Learn more about the Alkaline water machine that we trust at the THE BODY DELI in Palm Desert on Highway 111.
  7. Does your skin feel like it looks dull and lackluster? Try Body Deli’s Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel. This all-natural peel is made with raw ingredients, probiotics, Vitamin-C, and sea vegetables to restore that youthful glow.
  8. Does the skin on your face feel rough? Try the Body Deli’s bestselling Blueberry Fusion Scrub. This powerful professional quality scrub contains fresh, raw blueberry and acai berry puree with potent fruit acids and a gentle scrub from diatomaceous earth. This scrub will make your skin feel smooth like silk.
  9. Have you spent too much time in the sun? Have you noticed discoloration or brown spots? Body Deli’s Vital-C Serum has had great success in helping lighten and decrease the effects of sun damage.
  10. Is your chapstick not cutting it anymore? The more lip balm you apply do your lips feel even drier? Then you might want to try Body Deli’s Healing Balms in Peppermint Tea-Tree, or Rainforest Berry. These healing balms banish cracked lips and make them feel kissable again.
  11. Are you tired of putting on toxic perfumes, has your significant other kicked you out of bed, or you co-workers treat you like you have the plague? Get THE BODY DELI’s all-natural perfume The Palm Springs Fragrance. Made with only essential oils and citrus grown in the Coachella Valley. The perfect “fresh” summertime scent.
  12. Does your hair feel thin, is it falling out or just feel dull and drab? Try THE BODY DELI’s Living Hair System. This Shampoo and Conditioner is famous for bringing your hair back to life, thickening the hair shaft and healing the scalp. Take your hair care to the next level.
  13. Do you feel your eyes give your age away? Look years younger with THE BODY DELI’s bestselling Firming Flax Eye Cream. This eye cream delivers firming and wrinkle smoothing goods with omega-rich Flax Seed Oil and Lecithin.
  14. Good skin starts with choosing the right cleanser to wash your face. THE BODY DELI has four raw and organic healthy choices. Rose Geranium for sensitive, Almond Milk for dry, Melon Foaming for brightening, Sage & Grapefruit for oily acne. Which one are you?
  15. Do you experience dry cracked elbows, heels or even hands? This is a common problem living in the desert. Treating the skin every day with the best ingredients is so important. Try THE BODY DELI’s Ultra-Rich Body Creams in Coconut Creme, Moroccan Mint or Desert Sage to start healing those unsightly skin conditions today.
  16. Do you have a stressful job, under a lot of pressure at work or just feel overwhelmed? Have you tried aromatherapy to help ease the stresses of life. If you sit behind a computer or in traffic you must try THE BODY DELI’s Aromatherapy Mists. These mists deliver a refreshing blast of moisture with healing aromatic plants oils. The best stress busters are Lavender Chamomile, Eucalyptus Rosemary and Thai Lemongrass.
  17. Are you looking for a romantic spa retreat at home? It’s time to pamper yourself and a loved one for a fraction of the cost of a fancy spa. Use Body Deli’s incredible all-natural, Aromatic Massage / Body Oils and body scrubs to create the perfect spa experience at home.
  18. Looking for the ultimate anti-aging face cream? Try the cream that has people ditching their ridiculously expensive face creams from the department store for the one that actually works. Crème de la Rose is as close to youth in a jar as you can get. Pure Bulgarian Rose, Goji Berry and Vitamin-A create the ultimate anti-aging cocktail for your skin.
  19. Did you know that if you suffer from dry skin it’s probably the soap you are using. Most commercial soaps no matter what “moisturizing cream” they say it contains also has harsh surfactants that strip the natural oils from the skin. THE BODY DELI's Handmade Bar Soaps are only made from natural plants oils such as olive, coconut and jojoba. These handcrafted soaps are the first step to getting rid of problematic dry skin.
  20. Like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, giving yourself a couple of facial masques a week keeps the plastic surgeon away. Try THE BODY DELI’s firming Masque French Clay and Algae or restore moisture and suppleness with Oatmeal & Honey Masque made with Manuka Honey.
  21. Looking for the perfect gift to give someone that is made in the Coachella Valley using local ingredients - like locally grown dates? Try THE BODY DELI’s Coachella Honey Date Scrub. This scrub exfoliates, smooths and softens the skin plus the dates are high in anti-oxidants and the aroma is to die for.
  22. Looking to start a detox program? You might be looking at doing a juice cleanse. To kick off your body detox try THE BODY DELI’s Sprouted Mineral Green Detox Line. The Green Detox Scrub, Detox Soap and Sprouted Mineral-Green Lotion will help to remove toxins and start your new toxin-free lifestyle!
  23. Are you trying to loose weight and go on a diet? Is the thought of giving up your yummy chocolate fix enough to make you want to scream. Don’t panic it’s organic! Try the THE BODY DELI’s zero calorie Chocolate Truffle Scrub and Chocolate Soap. These guilt-free treats will make you not miss the high calorie bon bons.
  24. Are your cuticles like an episode of American Horror Story! Are they dry, cracked and peeling? Use THE BODY DELI’s Healing Balms to use as a therapeutic cuticle stick to soften and prevent painful hangnails and peeling skin. Our favorite is the Mandarin Vanilla .

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