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Cucumber Madness – Cucumber Beauty Products You Must Try!

Cucumber Madness – Cucumber Beauty Products You Must Try!

Cucumbers have long been loved by the health and beauty crowd for their hydrating, cleansing, and detoxifying properties. Cucumber is a gentle astringent that can cleanse sensitive skin and clean out dirty pores while plumping skin with the moisture it begs for.

It’s no surprise that we add cucumber to many of our products at the Body Deli. Here are the cucumber products our clients are raving about:

Cucumber Juice Elixir

Filled with potent living nutrients, this elixir clears away residue from cleansing,
tightens pores, and hydrates and nourishes the skin. It’s the perfect finishing touch after you clean your skin.

Sea Cucumber Gelee           

One of our most popular products! Our Sea Cucumber Gelee floods the skin with moisture, nourishing it with organic aloe vera, cucumber, wheat grass, aloe juice, kelp, and many other potent ingredients. It stimulates cellular turnover and plumps the skin with moisture.

Sea Plasma Masque

Keep your skin tight, hydrated, and looking young with this deeply rejuvenating seaweed gel that also includes aloe vera leaf, cucumber juice, and amino acids derived from the sea. The refreshing cucumber aroma is also lovely!

Essential Cucumber Kit

Invite more cucumber into your life, and you’ll love what you see when you look into the mirror. Save a little bit of green, when you purchase this powerful kit that includes Cucumber Juice Elixir and Sea Cucumber Gelee. These products are the ultimate facial hydrator!

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